The member firms of KPMG are committed to developing in schools and colleges the ability to enhance the progress of skills and potential of children and youth, and help build business and community cohesion. In Brazil, we support some projects that help us live up to that commitment:

Corporate Citizenship - Education

Little Citizen Project


The centerpiece of a solid program for Corporate Citizenship at KPMG in Brazil is the "Little Citizens" Project. Since 1996, the project has helped families of needy children in the city of São Carlos to achieve a better quality of life and their true potential. Working intensively with these children for a period of four years, the project offers them the opportunity to rebuild their self-esteem, strengthen family ties and pursue opportunities for personal growth. Currently, 220 children are participating in the program. Activities are offered such as:


  • Supplementary education;
  • Computer classes;
  • Medical supervision;
  • Nutritional guidance;
  • Sports activities.


Support to the SIFE Organization


SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) is a global nonprofit organization, operating in over 45 countries and is headquartered in the United States. More than 30,000 students in 1,500 universities participate in SIFE globally, developing projects to benefit the community.  


The program thus provides the member firms of KPMG the opportunity to support educational institutions around the world with the objective of creating responsible business leaders for the future and, through these young leaders, have an impact in the communities where we operate. 


It is also a great opportunity to put our skills into action for the participation and engagement of other groups in society, exclusive access to exceptional talent, opportunities to establish a network of business communication, among other benefits. 


KPMG supports SIFE since 1996 and played a key role in helping it go global. Today, KPMG member firms provide support to SIFE in over 35 countries. 


In Brazil, we support SIFE since 1998. The students put their skills into practice and develop projects that create value and/or income for their communities. 



Junior Achievement Project


Junior Achievement, an organization of practical education in economics and business, arrived in Brazil in 1983. Currently, it is present in all Brazilian states plus the Federal District. The objective of Junior Achievement is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in young people under 16 years of age in elementary and secondary education. 


There is also great interest in encouraging personal development, providing a clear view of the business world and facilitating access to the labor market. KPMG provides financial support to Junior Achievement Rio de Janeiro (JARJ) since 2002 and in the last year began to have its professionals directly involved in training these young people. 

Personal Economics Program: Help students in 9th grade to discover their personal interests and skills, to explore career options and understand the value of education. They learn about budgets, personal and family financial management and the advantages and disadvantages of using credit.

Shadow Entrepreneur Program: Consists of bringing young students to the corporate environment, in order to experience for one day the routine of a professional executive. 



Prime Minister's Global Fellowship Program


Global Fellowship, a program organized by the British Council, with the basic objective of increasing the confidence and self-esteem of young people. As well as helping them to broaden their understanding of the impact of globalization on the emerging economies of Brazil, India and China, it leads to reflection and understanding of the value of being an active global citizen, acquiring fundamental knowledge of corporate social responsibility, and other topics. In all, the

program benefits one hundred young British people each year, who are sent to the three abovementioned countries.


Approximately 30 young people between 18 and 19, who have distinguished themselves in their studies and have entrepreneurial  profiles, are sent to Brazil. The program lasts six weeks. In the first stage they spend two weeks in Rio de Janeiro learning about Brazilian culture. The second stage consists of living for two weeks at a home stay in Sao Paulo, with the same routine as the student in the house.


During the last two weeks in Sao Paulo, the last stage of the program, the students are introduced to the corporate environment of the five supporting companies, among them KPMG. In our organization, they have the opportunity to know our activities and interact in some administrative and business areas, including visits to clients.


Moreover, they are introduced to our social responsibility practices, and to the beneficiaries of some projects, such as the Little Citizen Project and Instituto Reciclar.


We offer various career opportunities for people who intend to grow, develop and entrepreneur.

Sustainability Report 2013

Sustainability Report 2013

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