RSS feeds 

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. When you subscribe to an RSS feed you will get the latest headlines, summaries and links in one place, as soon as they are published. This means you don't have to constantly revisit the KPMG website to learn what's new.


RSS feeds, on this site, are indicated by orange icons next to the title of a specific RSS feed, like the ones to the right of this page.


Automatic messaging service for all Internet users


An RSS feed is like a messaging service between you and You receive a message the moment a new article appears on the topic you have selected. You are provided with the title and a brief introductory text, enabling you to decide whether to visit the entire page.


Different browser types


With an RSS feed, you can integrate the contents of a website directly into your browser as a dynamic bookmark, provided that your browser supports RSS feeds. Alternatively, you can integrate your feeds into an external RSS reader, a dedicated program for reading and managing RSS feeds. You can either download these directly to your PC desktop free of charge from the software developer's website or gain access to them online via a developer's proprietary internet address.