Risk Consulting  

As the business and regulatory environment continues to evolve, organizations face unprecedented regulatory scrutiny and emerging and systemic risks that can challenge

traditional strategies and assumptions. Clients and business leaders facing such complexity continue to seek advice multi-disciplinary firms like KPMG, for integrated solutions to their business challenges.


KPMG’s Risk and Compliance (RC) team has never been more relevant to our clients’ agenda. Our solutions aim to balance the pursuit of corporate performance objectives, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. The primary market driver for the RC business is risk which is impacted by complexity and change.


Complexity and change are driven by numerous forces, both external (regulations, marketplace events, changing economic conditions, etc.) and internal (new products, geographies and business models, quality of financial, operational and IT processes and controls etc.) All of

which impact the business risk profile.


A successful company is one which is able to manage risk, drive business performance and achieve regulatory compliance in an environment where such outcomes must be managed strategically and with agility. This is where KPMG Risk and Compliance Team can help.


KPMG in Bahrain works with senior management across organizations to help them better profile their risk exposures and develop robust control systems and measures. Our experienced Risk Consulting specialists offer timely and practical advice in mitigating risk and enhancing opportunity.


By providing quality risk consulting advice, we aim to optimize risks and identify opportunities to align the business risk appetite with business objectives.


Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services (IARCS)

IARCS deploys multidisciplinary teams of professionals, experienced in various business and industrial sectors and able to enhance our client’s internal control framework. KPMG’s Internal Audit Methodology (IAM) is our global approach to providing internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing services. It is a risk-based approach that focuses on clients’ objectives and impediments to achieving those objectives. Key features of IARCS are:

• Outsourcing/co-sourcing internal audit services

• Internal control reviews

• Strategic performance reviews

• Internal audit staff secondment services

• Establishing internal audit function

• Training and developing in-house internal audit staff

• Compliance advisory services

• Sarbanes-Oxley assistance services

• Enterprise risk management

• Sustainability services

• Corporate governance

• Anti-money laundering - design, implementation and reviews

• Quality assurance review.


Financial Risk Management

Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing. In this climate, businesses of all kinds and sizes want robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance. KPMG’s Financial Risk Management (FRM) professionals work with financial institutions and other corporate clients to attain these objectives. FRM services include:

• Establishing the risk governance framework in banks

• Risk measurement and management covering:

    - Credit risk
    - Market risk
    - Operational risk
    - Liquidity risk
    - Reputational risk
    - S
trategic risk
    - Integrated risk management

• Stress testing

• Economic capital management

• Capital adequacy and regulatory service

• Commodity and energy risk management

• Financial instrument modeling

• Insurance risk assessment

• Model building and validation

• Quantitative evaluation and management of portfolio risks

• Finance and treasury management and transformation

• Asset management advisory.



Forensic Services

KPMG Forensic Services deal with issues where facts, people and organizations do not agree or where financial or other business related behavior may not comply with expectations.


Managing business growth amidst uncertain economic conditions and increasing business and technological complexities is challenging. Performance pressures and the evolving nature of corporate governance and internal risk management policies can expose companies to fraud,

misconduct and non-compliance risks. Fraud risk and dispute resolution is a challenge that requires professional help.


We help clients protect their businesses from fraud, misconduct and non-compliances, which in turn helps organizations reduce reputation risk and commercial loss. We do this by working with our clients to design, implement and evaluate ethics and compliance programs and related anti-fraud programs and controls. Each project we undertake is as distinct as the clients we serve and geared toward balancing risk and control to achieve performance with integrity.



Jeyapriya Partiban

Partner, Advisory Risk Consulting