KPMG's Competencies 


Since our selection process is built around our competencies it is important that you are aware of what these are and what evidence we will be looking for at interview. To succeed in a competency interview you need strong and relevant examples which demonstrate to the interviewer that you have the skills and ability to succeed in the role. In addition to your technical skills and your career motivation to join KPMG you are therefore likely to be asked questions based on the following KPMG competencies:


What we are looking for here is evidence that you are self motivated and take responsibility for the decisions you make and the tasks you need to manage. Typically we might ask you to tell us about a recent time when you took personal responsibility for delivering a project.

Business Focus

The challenge here is to demonstrate your ability to identify business opportunities and successfully manage commercial risks. We will no doubt ask you about some of your recent client work and look for evidence of how you helped grow the relationship and identified new business opportunities.

Building Relationships

Much of your work will be in teams so we will be looking for evidence of how well you work with others and will question you about times you may have helped a colleague or recognized the need to change your style to get the best out of others.

Making an Impact

Our clients expect us to be confident professionals capable of making an impact and building strong business relationships. We will therefore be judging how strong an impact you make on us and talk to you about times when you had to persuade a client to follow your advice or successfully negotiate a difficult issue.

Developing People

The KPMG culture requires all of us to support the development of our colleagues. Sharing knowledge, giving constructive feedback and coaching or mentoring others are important people management skills. Our questions here will focus on times you might have supported the development of others or coached a colleague through a difficult problem.

Delivering Quality Service

We often have to work under pressure to deliver against tight deadlines. We might well ask you to describe a time when you worked under pressure and we need you to tell us about your ability to prioritise and delegate to make sure you deliver the service the client expects.

Problem Solving

Our work is all about solving business problems for our clients or ourselves. We will question you about how you approach a problem and look for evidence of your ability to analyse complex data and reach an appropriate solution.


It goes without saying really that acting with integrity and being professional at all times is a business critical requirement. Our questions might ask you to talk about a time when you faced a tough business dilemma or got great client feedback for the quality of work you delivered.
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