What if ironing after 8:00 pm does not solve our energy problem? 

The pessimistic news stories about our energy supply this winter is a daily subject in the press. Doomsday scenarios in which certain regions could find themselves without electricity are getting more dramatic. We will all therefore have to more economical in our use of energy. That raises the question of how efficient we truly are in our use of energy. And what are the current alternatives that guarantee our future supply of energy.


KPMG Energy & Natural Resources professionals assist organizations in the oil and gas, power and utilities, mining and forestry industries to respond to these and other industry trends and business issues.

How can KPMG help

In addition to Audit, Tax and Advisory Services, our range of services covers the fields of corporate strategy, organization structure, process organization, information management and performance management in the energy business.


We believe sector-specific and multidisciplinary know-how is the key to understanding our clients: KPMG's global Energy & Natural Resources network can draw on  international know-how in the Energy sector.


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