What if there was a job waiting for every newborn? 

Ageing population


With demographic trends the way they are, this idea may not be as crazy as it may seem. More people are living longer and fewer are being born. As a result, the shrinking working population must support the ever growing group of retired people. What’s more, pensions are being cut, healthcare is being squeezed, and companies must work harder to hire and retain top talent. How is your company tackling all this??

KPMG People and Change teams focus on the human capabilities in an organization and help clients develop strategies for the attraction, development, motivation, retention and management of the right people with the right skill sets and right experiences to deliver on the goals of the organization. Focusing on the HR function, we assist clients in developing corresponding HR strategies, programs and plans designed to enable the HR function and line management — working together — to implement appropriate and customized strategies with regard to their organization’s human capabilities.

Emmanuel De Moyer, Advisory Partner

Emmanuel De Moyer, Advisory Partner

Head of Public Sector

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Related services

  • Creating a vision and case for change
  • Drafting communications strategies and plans
  • Encouraging cultural change and adherence to change
  • Aligning the various change levers, particularly HR
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Aligning and coaching their top teams around their strategy and required performance
  • Establishing learning and development strategies and action plans
  • Implementing retention strategies  
  • Redesigning compensation and benefits programs and schedules
  • Improving organizational design and organization capability development
  • Creating effective performance management
  • Designing delivery models (shared services, outsourcing, etc.)
  • Establishing the organization design of the HR function
  • Reviewing and redesigning HR processes, procedures and programs
  • Assessing HR technology and strategies
  • Improving the HR team’s effectiveness
  • Assessing HR costing and risk

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