Global Connectivity 

To enhance a country’s productivity and competitiveness in today’s marketplace a number of challenges must be overcome:

Firstly, due to the ongoing economic turmoil, an emphasis on cost efficiency for airports, ports, railways and road networks increases, which means economic slowdowns must be factored into cost calculations.  Secondly, the need for integrating planning and funding must also be well defined to gain a clear view of how connecting assets, such as roads or railways are impacted.  Finally, carbon pricing will likely be the biggest challenge and may very well change the economic viability of both ports and airports, as well as the economics of ports entirely, which rely heavily on the import and export of fossil fuels.


Despite these three challenges, the outlook for global connectivity infrastructure looks fairly bright in the medium to long term. Both port and airport traffic are recovering significantly from the global financial crisis, which has led to a process of increased privatization and refinancing.


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