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The report that KPMG was commissioned to prepare by the three Belgian car federations Febiac, Federauto and Renta and was published on June 12, 2012, provided insights in different aspect of company vehicles. It also contains a comparison on the subject with neighboring countries. Some informative findings/tendencies include:


  • The number of company cars is relatively small, as they only represent 15% of all cars registered in Belgium.
  • Company cars are generally more environmentally friendly than privately-owned cars, as they are replaced, on average, every three or four years.
  • Compared to privately owned cars, company cars do not drive significantly more kilometers annually, except when used for professional purposes.
  • Company car users are taxed on a benefit in kind for the private use. When evaluating an increase in taxation and comparing the regime with our neighboring countries, the authorities should indeed take into account the existing high tax and social security burden in Belgium.
  • Company car policies are favoring vehicles with low CO2 emissions and are integrating tools that measure the ecological footprint of the fleet.
  • A trend toward multimodular and innovative lease contracts that conform to these policies.
  • New technologies such as electric and hybrid cars. 

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