What if your bank helped you achieve your wildest dreams? 

Europe’s leading banks and insurers are fighting a battle against seemingly insurmountable odds. With unpredictable economies and highly volatile financial markets, the European financial system is facing some of its toughest challenges. The financial world should be seeking to rebuild trust and confidence, rein in costs, focus on core businesses, absorb regulatory demands, increase lending and de-risk the balance sheet, all while delivering improved shareholder returns.

Against this background of an unpredictable future, how can they restore trust through offering improved products and services, which could incur extra costs, while fighting to boost returns to shareholders through increased profit?

Looking to the future, it is becoming clear that, fundamentally, the financial services are moving in a new direction and the idea of what constitutes ‘normal’ performance is changing.

What if your bank helped you achieve your wildest dreams?
Strategic challenges for banks and insurers:

Regulatory & accounting


Authorities are determined to take the actions ensuring that banking crisis scenarios will not appear anymore. This leads to an increased regulatory framework for insurers together with additional measures aimed to increase consumer protection.

Distribution & operations


In a low interest rate environment where financial services institutions operate on tighter margins, distribution and operations should be organized more efficiently.


Governance & people


Financial institutions therefore need to adapt their governance structures to the changing expectations in order to drive new compliance and performance capabilities and new organizational resilience

Products & markets


The financial institution of the future will need to develop new products in order to remain competitive, stay relevant for its customers, accountable to its stakeholders and create value for its investors.

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