IFRS Training Program 2014 

IFRS standards are continuously evolving. New standards are released, old ones are adapted and new interpretations made. This makes it crucial for organizations to be up-to-date on the latest developments.

Our IFRS training program delivers the required knowledge to help you act as an international player within global capital markets by improving the quality of your reporting.

Get ready for the upcoming changes by discovering how our IFRS training offerings
will benefit you.

IFRS Training

IFRS Basics

You want to convert to IFRS standards or simply refresh your knowledge?

Tailored IFRS sessions

  • Company-tailored in-house IFRS workshops

IFRS Special Topic Workshops

You need to deepen your IFRS knowledge? You will feel more knowledgeable when you can tackle the IFRS complexity with various exercises. We at KPMG focus on the learn-by-doing method by organizing three different Special Topic Workshops.

IFRS Training Flyer 2014


Improve the quality of reporting and meet the standards to become the best in your industry. 

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IFRS Trainers

Our IFRS trainers are KPMG professionals with many years of hands-on experience.

Here you can find all information regarding locations, registration, fees, written attestation and cancellation.