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    SMART always wins 

    A SMART company is a “future proof” organization. It can take on any challenge in today’s business world. How? It focuses its efforts on 5 key drivers: Structure, Mobility, Ability, Resources and Technology.


    So, what will the future look like for company owners and managers like you?


    To satisfy our curiosity on this point, we invited visionaries and practical experts like Yves Leterme, Philippe Rogge or Herman Toch to share their thoughts and experiences.

    Smart always wins




    Rock, paper, scissors?

    Rock, paper, scissors? Who did not play that game as a child. It is basic and yet there is more behind it.

    Friends playing a game – both are good but only one will win…


    The same is true in the real business battle. We all have the same arsenal but what really makes the difference is having flexibility, skills and vision and the ability to leverage them at the right moment to tackle the challenges that come your way – again and again and again.


    You have the power to pick the hand you play but it will only be based on smart insights that will help you to be on the winning side.


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