Public Private Partnerships 

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) typically involve private sector financing and ownership of public infrastructure, and the private sector’s assumption of commercial risk in delivering certain services.

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PPP’s relieve the public sector of some of the upfront financial burden. They provide private sector financing for public infrastructure and they promise more efficient service delivery through a better commercial management. In return, private entities win access to new fields in which to deploy their competencies while investors generally welcome the creation of new long-term asset classes.


KPMG Corporate Finance possesses hands-on experience in conceptualizing, structuring, negotiating and implementing successful PPP’s. We help our clients, both from the private as the public sector, to shorten and flatten the PPP learning curve.


Our advice can encompass:


  • Insights into the private sector’s approach to PPP’s, including issues of risk allocation and target investment returns
  • Bid structuring and negotiating
  • Financial structuring and in-depth financial modeling to help the client understand the risk-adjusted cost of traditional procurement practices
  • Debt advisory services producing competitive funding structures