People Services Tax 

In today’s turbulent times organizations are looking to effectively manage their costs and minimize risk. Organizations and individuals are looking to reduce their tax burden while meeting standards of compliance. They work to achieve a balanced position in critical areas such as effective tax rates, corporate reputation, and executive remuneration.

How KPMG can help

KPMG People Services Tax professionals encompass tax as well as social security advisory and compliance services, international human resources and expatriate assignment management services. We also offer immigration assistance and international payroll advisory services. We can also assist in developing and implementing tax-efficient expatriate policies and in managing the logistics of moving from one center to another.

Through the integration of these skill sets, we can offer companies with internationally mobile work forces high value-added services. Furthermore, KPMG has invested heavily in software and technology to maximize efficiency and keep costs down.

Our approach helps to mitigate risk, reduce organizational complexity, and capture long-term savings – for employers and employees.


KPMG People Services Tax consists of a team of committed and experienced tax advisers who employ a hands-on approach to solve complex tax and employment issues. Using highly developed skills, processes and technologies, they can help you navigate through the changing requirements of different tax regimes.

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