Customs and Trade Practice 

In today's global economy, businesses are focusing more closely on their international supply chain to help ensure compliance and save costs. Customs and excise duties are often perceived as inevitable costs for organizations and increasingly complex regulations surrounding this area create significant risks. Being non-compliant could disrupt your supply chain and have a severe impact on your competitive edge.

Customs and Trade Practice
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Organizations dealing with customs and excise matters are often confronted with following business issues:

  • How to keep pace with ever changing legislation and the related requirements?
  • How to spot and implement customs and excise opportunities and improve your competitive position in the market?
  • How to safeguard your operational customs model and avoid goods being blocked and seized or even reputational damage when confronted with non-compliance?
  • How to increase supply chain efficiencies to meet your own client’s expectations?

KPMG Approach

KPMG’s Global Trade Customs Practice can offer you a wide range of services, such as:

  • Advice regarding the development and implementation of effective indirect tax management strategies, including implementing appropriate internal controls and assistance with obtaining the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status;
  • Advice regarding customs and trade consequences of entering new markets and undertaking corporate transactions such as global restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and sourcing decisions;
  • Assistance with regard to duty planning by making as optimal as possible use of preferential and/or suspension arrangements and simplified procedures;
  • Advice regarding determining the proper tariff classification of imported goods;
  • Input regarding the validity of your customs value and assistance relating to the search for convergence with your transfer price;
  • Advice and guidance relating to excise duties and eco taxes.


KPMG’s Global Trade Customs Practice can assist you in:

  • Obtaining a competitive edge through establishing a tax efficient structure and/or improving your supply chain control through tailored-made approaches;
  • Achieving your business goals by advising on supply chain improvement;
  • Providing business support in your daily risk management to help comply with highly demanding and ever changing regulatory and security requirements.

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