Financial Risk Management 

As a consequence of the economic and financial crisis, the financial risks firms are facing, are an increasing concern of many stakeholders. Therefore enterprises of all kinds and sizes want robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, but also contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.
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Your challenges

  • How can you manage your financial risks effectively on an enterprise wide basis?
  • How can you rebuild both internal and external stakeholders trust and confidence in risk management?
  • How can I operate efficiently in a capital and liquidity constrained environment?
  • How can you respond to the increasing demands from regulators and new requirements in areas such as capital, solvency, liquidity, …?
  • How can I improve the assesment of the financial risks my company is exposed to?
  • How can I optimise my return given my risk appetite?

How KPMG can help

  • We assist clients in the modeling of their risks (credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, Insurance risk, operational risk), from model design to model implementation.
  • We provide independent valuations of positions and financial instruments thanks to our broad access to market information and pricing tools for many types of financial instruments, from plain vanilla to the more complex ones.
  • We help our clients in the design and implementation of their risk appetite framework, from strategy to reporting.
  • We provide finance and treasury management services for corporates and public sector.
  • We have a broad range of capital adequacy and regulatory services including Basel 3 and Solvency II.
  • Together with KPMG, clients can strengthen their Asset Liability Management (ALM) function and manage the complexity of today’s financial markets.
  • We help our clients assess and manage the impacts of new regulatory compliance and consumer protection requirements.

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The cumulative impact of regulation

The cumulative impact of regulation
An impact analysis of the accumulation of regulations on the Belgian banking sector.