Company management, directors, financiers and shareholders have a common and daily concern for the restoration or improvement of a company’s performance. The successful implementation of a new or redefined strategy, enhancing performance and restoring or maintaining stakeholder confidence and value is fundamental to establishing a competitive, continuing enterprise.

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We have extensive experience in advising stressed and distressed businesses towards a stronger position and in helping financiers to have a clearer view of their risk position and implement a process of strategic, operational and financial change. The aim is to turn around the performance of a business and to help generate lasting value for the stakeholders. Our services include advice with regard to:


  • Cost reductions
  • Cash management
  • Financial restructuring
  • Exit planning and implementation
  • Debtor, creditor or court driven formal restructurings.

Finding a way through a crisis is challenging. With the right guidance the task can be made easier, but speed of response is essential. The earlier a problem is identified and resolved, the better chances the company has to turn its performance around.

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