Electronics & Software Services 

In a sector driven by fast growth, the emergence of non-traditional competitors and markets challenges established electronics, software and services business models. The increasing complexity of software bundles, the high manufacturing costs faced by semiconductor companies and the continuing consolidation among electronic equipment manufacturers are among the structural shifts likely to have long term impact.

KPMG in Belgium offers established methodologies and dedicated resources to address the individual needs of electronics, software and services companies. Our professionals bring a seasoned financial and industry perspective to your business, helping you to develop clear strategies to help you stay at the forefront of industry transformations and rapidly evolving technologies.


Our strategies are tailored to meet specific client needs and address current market issues. Our services help businesses create value and contribute to a more profitable, efficient and focused business.

Our services focus on assisting clients with key issues facing the electronics, software and services industry including:


  • Software license management
  • Consolidation
  • Outsourcing
  • Changing revenue and distribution models


Whether leveraging intellectual property (IP), extracting additional value from consolidation and acquisition or refining global financial processes, KPMG professionals can help clients tackle tough problems.

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