Communications & Media 

Digital convergence is driving expansion and growth in the communications and media industries, bringing new opportunities for profit as well as spiraling operational demands. Many of today's companies are just now addressing the operational risks and challenges inherent in their digital strategies  whether monetizing new digital assets or ensuring that internal financial, IT and other systems are integrated and functioning well globally.


The media and entertainment sectors are currently going through their most difficult economic situation since decades. The telecommunications market is currently dominated by the continuing reluctance to invest due to market saturation. In addition, the fragile economic situation has weakened demand. The sector is attempting to respond with mergers and restructuring plans. New ideas and approaches are required.


Within our international Information, Communications & Entertainment (ICE) network, KPMG offers comprehensive sector know-how on the requirements of the telecommunications market and the problems facing it. Our international orientation also enables us to help you with all the questions arising in connection with the global market. Changes in the regulatory framework, new legislation, cross-border mergers between competitors requiring strategic consideration these are just some of the areas in which KPMG can help.


Whether you are a global multimedia company, large publisher, national broadcaster or a niche advertising agency, the KPMG network in Belgium has the experience and depth of industry knowledge to challenge your business models of the future. We can work with you to address many issues the media sector is facing, such as cyclical change, shifts in expenditure patterns, consolidation of the industry by global players and management of global synergies.



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