We encourage our people to use their expertise, skills and time to respond effectively to the needs of our local communities. KPMG is committed to its communities and this goes to the heart of our values. We work in partnership with non-profit organizations to create shared value and to help communities grow and prosper.

Make a Difference Day

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program and continual campaign to cooperate with the local organizations, the KPMG network in Belgium sponsors an annual Make a Difference day (MADD), which encourages KPMG employees to take part in a half-day, hands-on volunteering project to benefit the less privileged in our local communities.

KPMG Madd 

Each year, a wide range of volunteer projects throughout Belgium, are selected in which all KPMG employees are welcome to participate. Projects included environmental, painting, decorating and social support activities.

Kom op tegen kanker

 Kom op Tegen Kanker


This year, two KPMG ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ cycling teams took part in what is called the longest bicycle tour in Flanders, the “1000 km voor Kom op tegen Kanker”.


Each of the sixteen KPMG cyclists covered 125km. To fund their participation they counted on the generosity of volunteers and donors, particularly from their KPMG colleagues.


Big collection drive

Nobody is more excited by the annual visit of Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus than children. Unfortunately, there are still too many children living below the poverty level who won’t know the thrill of receiving a nice gift. To bring a bit of joy to a good number of less fortunate children, the KPMG network in Belgium has, for the third year in a row, organized a big internal collection of children’s toys and books.


The collected toys and books were divided between Centrum Kauwenberg vzw and Voedselbank Brussel-Brabant vzw/Banque Alimentaire Bruxelles-Brabant asbl.

 Corporate Runs

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we support our employees in to participating in one or several of the following runs:


  • Antwerp 10 miles and Marathon
  • Dwars door Brugge
  • Zatopek Urban Tour Liège
  • 20km through Brussels
  • Jogging-Marche “Entreprises/Université” de Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park
  • Dwars door Hasselt


In addition, we choose a good cause for which participants can collect monetary donations from individual sponsors in support of the selected charity. In 2012 we ran for Chain of Hope Belgium, an international humanitarian organization, whose objective is to providechildren from developing countries who suffer from serious, yet curable malformations, treatment form Belgian healthcare teams. This year we ran for Kom op tegen Kanker.