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  • Date: 10/03/2013

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Stephan Claes


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Global cloud survey: The cloud takes shape 

KPMG International’s second global cloud computing survey, ‘The cloud takes shape’, looks at the opportunities and challenges of cloud adoption among organizations around the world.

The survey finds that organizations have started to shift their focus away from pure cost reduction objectives and are now also seeking more strategic benefits such as enhancing new market entry and driving business process transformation. At the same time, cloud leaders are broadening their perspective to consider a number of other strategic factors including skills and resources, governance procedures and operating processes. 

The ‘Cloud takes shape’ is based on the responses of more than 650 senior executives in some 16 countries representing multiple industries. Their opinions and responses provide a valuable perspective on the challenges and complexities facing today’s organizations.


The report also finds that organizations are starting to more clearly understand some of the other aspects of cloud that can either significantly enable or impair their organization’s ability to reap the rewards of cloud adoption. For example:


  • Business leaders have started to recognize that cloud adoption should improve security rather than lessen it.
  • Adopters are starting to prepare for the inevitable complexities that will arise from today’s changing regulatory environment.
  • Organizations are approaching the tax structure of cloud deployments more proactively and strategically, rather than as an afterthought to implementation.

The report makes a compelling read for any organization that is either planning or implementing a cloud strategy, and provides some practical and actionable advice for enterprises and their executives.


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