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Filip De Bock

Filip De Bock


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IFRS Basics training on 23 and 25 April 

IFRS training

Get clarity on the complexity of IFRS

Are you looking for practical guidance, a clear analysis of technical content and real-life examples on IFRS? The KPMG IFRS Institute offers training sessions that will prepare you for the latest changes and developments in IFRS. Our experts will help you to understand the impact of IFRS on your organization by using our global mindset and multidisciplinary approach. They will provide you with information and resources to gain insight and access to the international financial reporting framework. 

Our certified instructors have many years of practical, hands-on experience with the application of IFRS in various sectors for SMEs and large multinationals.

We offer four types of training to meet your needs and concerns. Our Basic training will help you understand the impact of a conversion on your organization. Our Advanced IFRS training will go deeper into the complex areas of IFRS. Our training in Financial instruments for Corporates will give you a high level of understanding of the requirements of IAS 32, IAS 39 and IFRS 7 financial instruments. Finally, our Tailored IFRS workshops cover the topics that are most relevant to your business.


The KPMG IFRS Institute assists companies in Belgium and internationally in understanding the game’s new rules and applying IFRS to their specific circumstances.


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IFRS Update

Have you missed a new release of an IFRS standard or exposure draft? Email us, and we will inform you about our IFRS Update breakfast sessions throughout the year.

IFRS training dates

Note these dates down:

  • IFRS Basics – 23 and 25 April
  • Advanced IFRS – 28 and 30 May
  • Financial instruments for Corporates – 23 May
  • Tailored IFRS sessions on demand  

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