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  • Date: 12/04/2013

The Mobile Evolution 

The mobile evolution
Mobile technology is radically transforming the world around us and the mobile evolution is moving at unprecedented speed. Clearly, many challenges still lie ahead and many questions remain to be answered. What business models will prove resilient to future change? How will security and privacy concerns be overcome? Which payment technologies will win out in the long-term? What are the implications of newly emerging areas such as machine to machine (M2M) communication?

In this series of article industry experts and insiders will tackle some of the most pressing mobile issues facing executives today. We will examine emerging trends, explain the latest concepts, and deliver practical advice and recommendations to help business leaders turn mobile into sustainable business value.





Turning mobile strategy into reality


Enterprises are awakening to the benefits that mobile enablement offers, but some seem to be struggling with how to move from strategy to reality.



The future of mobile networks


How mobile operators are reducing costs by sharing networks.



    Securing your mobile apps: six priority areas


The pace at which mobile apps have permeated into our everyday lives is astonishing.


    Mobile MD: How mobile devices will revolutionize healthcare

In fifty years' time, we may consider the rise of mobile technology to be one of the greatest medical advances the world has ever seen.

    Catalyzing the mobile enterprise


Mobile has most often been seen as an enterprise IT ‘add on’ rather than a catalyst to enterprise transformation.

    Retailers mobilize over holiday season


If there is one lesson retailers can take from the holiday season, it’s that mobile devices are a core component of the retail shopping experience.


    Mobile enterprise lessons from the holiday season


This is the time where organizations take stock of their performance over the holidays and start preparing to execute their strategy for 2013.

    Growing the mobile ecosystem


Who is dominating the mobile ecosystem? How is it changing? What does the future hold?

    Driving growth through mobile


Organizations willing to innovate their business and operating models are achieving results in the new mobile era.

    Driving mobile success through cross-industry collaboration

If the rise of mobile has taught us anything, it is that cooperation across multiple industries will be critical to success in this space.

    Taking control of mobile security and privacy


A recent survey by KPMG found that 90 percent of consumers worry that unauthorized parties will access their personal info via their mobile device.

    Mobile payments: the view from the East


In a land where almost a billion people own mobile phones, cash is still king and large swathes of the population have no formal bank account, mobile payments are quickly becoming a critical part of India’s economy.

    A brave new world


It seems clear that mobile is already taking over the world and dominating the lives of both consumers and the enterprise.

    The mobile mandate


Mobile technology is radically transforming the world around us. By now, this reality should be clear to all.


"There should be no doubt that mobile is finally about to take off into the 'brave new world'. The real question is whether today's businesses are prepared to survive the ride."


– Tudor Aw, Head of Technology, KPMG in the UK



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