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Welcome to the KPMG knowledge base of articles and publications that demonstrate our understanding of many of the complex business challenges and key issues faced by companies around the world.
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Smarter, stronger and more sustainable public services

Smarter, stronger and more sustainable public services.
Modified date: 16/12/2014
Publication series

Business Leaders Survey: focus op de Publieke Sector

De tweede editie van KPMG International’s enquête onder bedrijfsleiders.
Modified date: 16/12/2014
Publication series

L'adoption du cloud computing par les pouvoirs publics

Cette étude se base sur un sondage auprès de cadres du secteur public et privé quant aux attentes et leur stratégie en matière de cloud computing.
Modified date: 16/12/2014
Publication series

Web 2.0 within government organizations

This new report highlights collaboration tools such as wikis, social networking and blogs.
Modified date: 16/05/2014
Publication series

Turn silver grey into gold

Many organisations see the retirement of older employees as a significant challenge. However, few of them have started to prepare.
Modified date: 18/09/2013
Publication series

Study of governments’ adoption of cloud computing

The report is based on a survey of nearly 430 public sector 808 private sector executives, on their expectations and strategies for cloud.
Modified date: 16/07/2013
Publication series

Nooit eerder geziene overheidstekorten vragen om nieuwe aanpak

Een herziening van de manier waarop overheden functioneren en grondige begrotingsbesparingen zijn van cruciaal belang voor de westerse economieën.
Modified date: 10/07/2013
Publication series

Web 2.0 binnen de overheid

Deze studie van belicht de uitdagingen, trends en potentiële voordelen van samenwerkingstools.
Modified date: 25/06/2013
Publication series

Onderzoek naar de toepassing van cloud computing door overheden

Voor dit onderzoek werden managers uit de overheidssector en de privésector gepeild naar hun verwachtingen en strategieën inzake cloud computing.
Modified date: 29/05/2013
Publication series

Extending the campus

A report that examines the trend of transnational expansion in the higher education sector and outlines key considerations for institutions.
Modified date: 13/12/2012
Business and industry issue
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