• Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 14/11/2012

Water Scarcity: A dive into global reporting trends 

The majority of the world’s largest companies lack a long term water strategy highlights our KPMG Sustainability report on water scarcity. It suggests that while most companies are at least discussing the issue of water scarcity in their reports, far fewer are presenting a robust response and offers ways to help executives develop and communicate strategic responses to the global water scarcity challenge.

The results have been drawn from the analysis of the sustainability reports of the largest companies across 34 countries, including the world’s top 250 companies, and the results vary by country. Of those that produce a sustainability report, 95 percent of Indian companies, 69 percent of Spanish companies and 66 percent of UK companies include specific plans to reduce water usage. This contrasts with just 24 percent of Chinese companies and 27 percent of Japan-based companies.


Many companies have not yet fully grasped the importance of strategic planning or communication in relation to long term water supply mitigation and use. Investors are becoming more aware of the risks and opportunities that water scarcity represents within their portfolios and are increasingly looking for companies to build responses into their longer-term strategies.


The report further suggests key elements for companies to consider before compiling their next CR report in order to adequately convince investors of future growth and profitability.