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  • Date: 18/07/2013

Koen De Loose

Koen De Loose


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The bank of the future 

The world is changing, and so is banking, as well as the way it is perceived by the customers. How do you mould a bank to the needs of the Generation Y customer? That was the basic question 16 students from three of Belgium’s main universities – the Solvay Brussels School at ULB, KU Leuven and Universiteit Gent – working on the “Bank of the Future” project had to answer.
The bank of the future
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They had to come up with a viable business model for a financial institution, while keeping in mind the changing environment and the evolving needs of banking customers. The Bank of the future should be able to provide oxygen to tomorrow’s economy and meet the changing needs of bank customers in the future. The students enjoyed full support from the academic corps, and counseling by HazelHeartwood consulting firm, Febelfin and KPMG, represented by Koen De Loose, who provided his financial support and valuable expertise throughout the project.

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