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  • Date: 26/08/2013

HR as a driver for organizational innovation 

Contrary to popular perception, an organization’s success does not appear to be determined by a company’s R&D spending; rather the most successful corporate innovation strategies are the ones that predominantly focus on people and human capital issues.
HR as a driver for organizational innovation
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It is widely accepted among business leaders that innovation is vital to both competitive advantage and long-term success.


And with a company’s ability to innovate also identified as the single most important predictor of its growth, it is hardly surprising that investment decisions now tend to be tied closely to how focused companies are on transformational innovation.


HR must rise to this challenge. Robert Bolton, the co-leader of KPMG’s Global HR Transformation Center of Excellence, provides practitioners and advisors of HR with a guide for bringing about the cultural change needed to build innovation into the way people at all levels think and work every day.


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