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  • Date: 14/01/2013

Corporate and Indirect Tax Survey 2012 

Mirroring the trends seen in past years, corporate and indirect tax rates around the world are in a constant state of change as governments look to increase indirect rates to raise revenue but to decrease corporate tax rates to attract investment. As 2012 came to a close the survey shows that the average global indirect tax increased by 0.17 percent to 15.50.

Corporate and Indirect Tax Survey
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Meanwhile, the average global corporate tax rate average remained almost the same with a small decline of 0.09 percent to 24.43 percent. With complexity in changing indirect tax, corporate tax, international tax law and tax controversy and reputational risk continuing to mount, companies will have to put more effort in keeping up with changes in the multiple jurisdictions in which they operate.


With an additional strategic focus in a company-wide framework for managing tax, it is possible for companies to realize opportunities to reduce the total business cost associated with compliance while improving their bottom lines.


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