KPMG Sport Practice 

The recent trend among sports federations and sports clubs to work in a more professional manner has led to a need for guidance and advice for these organizations, as well as individual athletes. Consequently, KPMG started a group more than 10 years ago, called the Sports Practice which focused on the sports sector. The KPMG multidisciplinary Sports Practice combines the experience and know-how of various specialists within KPMG.


How can the KPMG Sports Practice help you?

Our experts will advise you on the following subjects:

Fiscal and legal advice to individual athletes

  • Tax optimization on foreign income earned by Belgian athletes (cyclists, tennis players, football players, volleyball players, etc.)
  • Tax assistance for foreign athletes with regard to their income in Belgium (F1 drivers, triathletes, etc.)
  • Preparation, optimization and submission of personal income tax returns


Fiscal and legal advice to sports clubs

  • Gross-net calculations and tax optimization of the pay structure
  • Advice regarding the optimization of projects involving the construction of sports and team-related facilities (VAT optimization, long-term leases, usufruct, etc.)
  • Advice and assistance in completing legal formalities (tax declarations for legal entities, preparation of salary slips, guidance in submitting VAT declarations, asset declarations, etc.)


Fiscal and legal advice to sports federations

For their tax and legal issues, sports clubs tend to turn first to their own sports federations. KPMG supports these various sports federations regarding the more complex fiscal and legal issues. KPMG is also a partner of the Flemish Sport Federation (VSF) within the framework of the Dynamo Project and has recently advised more than 150 sports clubs regarding fiscal matters.