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Navigating tax issues for businesses in Belgium

 Need help tackling your business’ tax reporting in Belgium? Or are you ready to adapt your business to the new VAT laws? Do you want to learn more about what BEPS is and how it could affect your business?


Our experienced team of Tax and Legal Advisers is ready to help you handle all of your tax needs, from the above issues to improving your overall tax compliance to mitigating risks to making the most of tax incentives in Belgium. 


Whether you are a large corporate, a SME, or a family business, we are ready to help you with all your tax challenges. Schedule an appointment today to talk with one of our advisers.

Keep up to date with current tax issues. Using top of the line technology and our extensive tax experience, we can help your business prepare for its tax future. Check out KPMG's latest tax trends.

KPMG Tax Compass Trends:

Tax & Legal News Flashes

The News Flashes of KPMG Tax & Legal Advisers want to draw your attention to tax & legal topics that may affect your daily business decisions.

KPMG's Tax Compass brochure

Tax Trends brochure
This KPMG Tax Compass brochure will present the latest trends in tax and the challenges they could present to you.

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Koen Maerevoet

Head of KPMG Tax Advisers

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