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Whether you are a telco player, broadcaster, publisher, digital advertising agency or innovative tech company, disruptive technologies are rewriting the status quo, plunging many established business models and deep rooted structures into disarray. With each new wave of technological change, a complex pattern of challenges emerges with, as yet, no obvious route forward.


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Today’s challenges

Technology is reshaping the relationship between content and consumers. With mobile set to play a big role in future, TV everywhere is a reality. And while digital players will surely close the ‘quality gap’ there is no evidence to suggest that this will undermine established broadcasters. TV networks must think fast and exploit their inherent strengths: brand value, expertise, insight and capital. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but those who shy away from emergent technology could endanger their competitive advantage. As for newspapers, debate continues about whether they even have a future. Online platforms have unveiled opportunities to engage audiences and raise revenues, but there is unlikely to be one solution for all. Different publications may need to try a range of content models.

Technology companies, large and small, are changing the way everyone does business with industry challenging innovations. But if you’re in this fast moving industry, how can you avoid the challenge of your own fast-changing business model?

Telecoms players face choices on how to play beyond providing airtime as the Machine to Machine unfolds. Platform–focused or vertically-integrated business models? Is hardware in or out?

How KPMG can help

Maybe you’re looking to benefit from intellectual property, or you want to make more from consolidation and acquisition. Perhaps you’re refining your global financial processes. Whatever your challenges our experienced industry experts deliver thoughtful solutions to help you tackle them. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical experience can provide the business support and insights you need so you can focus on your next innovation.

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