Information, Communications & Entertainment 

Doing business in the field of Information, Communications & Entertainment (ICE) means facing a highly challenging and constantly developing environment, characterized by hypes and trends and steered by technological innovation. Consequently, companies active in this sector have to deal with complex issues demanding comprehensive answers.


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Advances in technology and deregulation have generated enormous growth in Information, Communications & Entertainment over the past few years. KPMG's Information, Communications & Entertainment (ICE) practice has extensive, in-depth and relevant industry experience. Our professionals can provide long-range vision, astute insights and professional service strategies to help organizations stay at the top of their markets.


Working with KPMG’s ICE practice means opting for a holistic, tailored approach. Our multidisciplinary team joins forces beyond the boundaries of separate audit, tax and legal, advisory and accounting professions, offering services which are specific to your company and the market you operate in.


Against the backdrop of a changing economic environment, these teams work with our clients in developing comprehensive and sound strategies for the new challenges the industry is facing. Our worldwide network allows us to offer these services to our clients on a local and an international level.

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