'What if?' campaign 

Organizations look to KPMG for help navigating through the complex world we live in. They expect to work with the best people who are Expert, Globally Minded, Forward Thinking, Value Adding and Passionate about their work.


These five attributes stand for who we are, what we do and how we do it. This unique combination reflects the skills and behaviors of our people: High performing people cutting through complexity.

'What if?'

‘What if?'– the campaign

‘Cutting through complexity’ is a direct reflection of the way KPMG, as an employer and a partner, wants to help employees, clients and job seekers to grow and achieve their ambitions.

For our people, we mobilize around our clients, using our expertise and insight to cut through complexity and deliver informed perspectives and clear solutions that our clients and stakeholders value.

For our clients, we are people they can trust and build relationships with, experts with a global-local perspective, and professionals who provide insight and practical solutions in complex circumstances.

For prospective employees, ‘cutting through complexity’ is a promise KPMG can provide them with the ideal starting point for an ambitious career.

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'What if?' statements

To help you cut through the complexity, we provide an overview of publications, services offerings and KPMG key contacts who can provide assistance with issues relating to the 'What if?' statements.