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KPMG's Africa Oil & Gas practice provides our member firms' clients with services on a global basis through industry professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by oil and gas companies. We advise companies from the Global majors, through to the mainly national owned companies, independent operators and service companies.
To better serve our clients we have established 11 Energy and Natural Resources centres of excellence. The centers are in Calgary, Houston, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Johannesburg, London, Moscow, Muscat, Paris, Beijing, Perth and the KPMG Nigeria centre of excellence for Gulf of Guinea initiatives. Read more

All centers comprise of regulatory, financial advisory, taxation and risk professionals from KPMG member firms. They bring to the industry, professional advice and support that address the key risks and issues faced by the sector and support the strategic and transactional activities undertaken by the international oil & gas players.

Our Oil & Gas Centers of Excellence create a framework for delivering KPMG’s member firms’ services in a consistent, high quality manner around the world. It aims our knowledge directly towards, and for the potential benefit of, your industry and you. We believe that we have a distinctive portfolio of service offerings which have been carefully tailored to the needs of our clients, and can be delivered by our industry focused professionals. We have a well balanced portfolio of clients, ranging from Africa super-majors to next generation leaders including those raising capital, some for the first time, in local markets. Services provided cover the breadth of KPMG's service offerings, extending from Tax, to Advisory - Financial, Risk and Communications, to Audit.

KPMG’s active participation in oil and gas sector trade bodies and events is a key element of our broader energy and natural resources global platform. our current range of participation includes: world business council for sustainable development, world energy council and international energy accounting forum.

We are sponsors of the World Energy Congress and are members of the World Energy Council. In addition, we are also hosts of KPMG's Global Energy Conference held annually in Houston, U.S.A.

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Oil and Gas in Africa 2014

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KPMG’s Oil and Gas in Africa Sector Report 2014 explores and highlights the present state of oil and gas in Africa. In light of recent developments, it proposes possible future trends in the sector.

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