The world is hungry for resources and hence cannot ignore Africa. The continent's reserves account for 98 percent of chromium, 50 percent of gold and 90 percent of platinum-group metals in the world, to name just a few examples. Mining companies face both tough challenges and enormous opportunities in Africa. There are approximately 380 mining companies with operations in Africa.

Jacques Erasmus

Jacques Erasmus

Head of Mining, Southern Africa

+27 11 647 7527

Pressure to become more sustainable, to focus more strongly on health and safety, and increasing awareness and pressure surrounding climate change, must all be taken into account.


In Africa, government intervention through different forms of nationalisation, the implementation of more onerous tax regimes, a lack of infrastructural development and even the global talent shortage are expected to continue to hamper growth in this industry.


Yet, the commodity boom is likely to continue in these uncertain financial times, with demand expected to exceed supply in almost all commodities. For mining companies, this makes the imperative to overcome Africa’s challenges all the more crucial.


KPMG in Africa's mining professionals assist organisations to manage the enormous complexity that mining faces. We help our firms' clients to navigate successfully through the potential obstacles and get the most out of the opportunities inherent in Africa’s wealth of natural resources.

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