Construction, Industrial and Automotive 

With a deep understanding of the specific industry issues that impact clients, our Construction, Industrial and Automotive experts are well-positioned to deliver a broad range of audit, tax and advisory services to these industries.

Gavin Maile

Gavin Maile

Head of Africa Construction, Industrial & Automotive

+27 11 647 7165

Financial pressures, industry restructuring, changing consumer preferences, fluctuating fuel prices and the growing demand for more ‘eco-friendly’ vehicles are transforming the world’s automotive industry. KPMG’s African Automotive team advises clients with a range of critical company and industry matters.


KPMG’s Diversified Industrials team focuses on the manufacturing, engineering and industrial products, and the metals industries, bringing value-adding insight to our firms' clients.


KPMG’s Construction team is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in this sector manage their risks in an environment that has become extremely competitive and complex, with many new risks on mega-projects.

Transport in Africa

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Well-developed transport infrastructure is critical for the efficient functioning of an economy. It facilitates trade by reducing the cost and time of moving goods to where there is a market for it; it also makes it possible for people to travel, or to move to regions where there are jobs available. Good transport infrastructure and services have a massive impact on productivity and economic development. The lack of good transport infrastructure is, however, a key constraint to economic development in Africa.