Quality and consistency – across Africa and the world 

KPMG has a long-established African footprint which continues to expand, allowing us to serve our clients across the continent in a unique way. In Africa alone, we have 8 000 professionals with the skill, experience and understanding of working cohesively across the continent. Our in-country managing directors and rigourous global quality and risk management procedures ensure Africa-wide consistency in our services, delivered in a local context.

Our achievements include:


  • The structures allow for the co-ordination of policies and practices across the region, and an effective and efficient business model for independent firms to work together.
  • Established leadership in the key markets of Central, East, Southern and West Africa and a broad-ranging African presence, ensuring that we can be where our firms’ clients are.
  • Achieving Africa-wide consistency through the implementation, support and monitoring of key audit and other initiatives.
  • Connecting our people through leading information technologies, complying with KPMG’s demanding standards with a particular focus on the accessibility, integrity and security of information.
  • Dedicated resource units across the continent, such as the Accounting Technical Department of Professional Practice, Forensic, Internal Audit and IT Advisory Services.
  • Access to KPMG’s global knowledge-sharing platform, allowing for the sharing of ‘best practices’ and research into key industries and markets.
  • Consistent values across the world.
  • Our commitment to quality at the highest level is maintained through our rigorous, internationally compliant, quality performance processes, including peer reviews and other performance reviews.
  • Coaching, mentoring and assessing our people in the same way across Africa and the rest of the world, including Development and Assessment Centres, 360° feedback and KPMG’s automated performance appraisal system, Dialogue.
  • All training materials and instruction/teaching are consistent across the continent.