Corporate Citizenship 

All organisations have responsibilities to their people, their clients and society. KPMG believes that practical commitment to our communities across Africa unites us as a firm, strengthens our reputation and creates vital links with the communities in which we operate.
Corporate Citizenship

Our corporate responsibility philosophy revolves around putting our skills to work and focuses on three core areas:


  • Education
  • The environment
  • Community development.


Business Units and offices

Several KPMG Africa Limited Business Units and offices have corporate citizenship champions to arrange community initiatives. Several regions participate in projects that they believe meet the needs of their community. Professionals from the whole Business Unit or office get involved to provide their resources where they are most needed.


Recognising our people

 KPMG Africa Limited encourages and supports our people who, in their personal capacities, are involved in giving back to their communities. The Africa Chairman’s Award for Community Involvement is KPMG’s signature recognition programme for KPMG employees, partners and suppliers. Outstanding volunteer and community service throughout the year is acknowledged and rewarded at the highest level.


KPMG and the Environment


In April 2008, KPMG became the first of the Big 4 to announce a global climate change strategy, the Global Green Initiative (GGI), which included a global emissions target reduction of 25 percent by 2010 using a 2007 baseline. By 2010, the global firm had achieved a 29 percent net emissions per Full Time Equivalent (FTE) reduction, accompanied by a seven percent overall gross emissions reduction. Building on this success, we recently announced a new emissions reduction target of 15 percent net emissions per FTE by 2015 (measured from 2010).


Rethink – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

The firm’s reduction strategy revolves around the four R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In Africa, this strategy is applied by:


  • Creating awareness among our people of the issues surrounding climate change
  • Educating our people about ways to reduce their carbon footprint, at home and at work
  • Encouraging our people to make the changes they can to reduce their impact on the environment.



Tim Bashall

Executive: Strategy, Marketing, Communication and Citizenship