• Industry: WEF in Africa
  • Type: Press release
  • Date: 5/2/2013

WEF Africa 2013

WEF Africa 2013 will provide an important platform for regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society focussed on integration and sustainable growth.

Africa Rising 

WEF Africa 2013 – To many, Africa is a land of mystery and danger,; a place where development is needed and investment is scarce ;‒ a complex patchwork of countries, cultures and societies. But to a growing number of infrastructure developers and investors, Africa is quickly becoming one of the hottest and most valuable emerging markets for infrastructure in the world.

As our special report on Africa demonstrates , the opportunities within the African continent are massive and – with a few exceptions – readily available. A cornucopia of projects beckons: new regional rail lines, huge power plants and massive distribution systems, innovative mass transit systems and futuristic port and airport facilities are all in the works.


However, breaking into the continent will prove challenging for many western and northern players. What works in one country may not apply to the others. Therefore, investors and participants will need to create a country-by-country and sector-by-sector approach to ensure that lessons gained in one part of the continent can be carried over into others.


At KPMG, we firmly believe that Africa is the next frontier for organisations seeking steady growth, strong returns and bankable opportunities. In fact, as a global network, our firms have invested more than US$100 million across all services on the continent and continue to grow our pool of Africa-savvy professionals.


We, like many of the private and public sector organisations that we serve, are committed to helping Africa grasp its potential wealth and drive sustainable change through infrastructure development.