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  • Date: 5/23/2013
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Unlock the Africa Opportunity – KPMG Africa Business Guide App 

Get access to our App for information and insight on Africa from our KPMG professionals.

Your one-stop shop for latest insights on doing business in Africa



This feature rich application gives users an unparalleled view of the continent with guidance from KPMG experts available on one interface.


What does the App offer?


  • Africa Business Guide
    Latest snapshots of any African country's geopolitical climate, economic performance and five-year forecasts.

  • Doing Business in Africa
    KPMG Africa capability and key country contacts.

  • KPMG ClientTalkTM
    Connect directly with KPMG experts from your sector and country of interest and receive insights.

  • Osarge News
    Global daily breaking news for a pan-African audience from Nigeria to New Guinea, Burundi to Brazil and Ghana to Guyana.

  • Africa Blog
    Access live insights on key issues affecting business in Africa today. Join the conversation on the KPMG Africa blog.

  • Publications and Insights
    The latest KPMG Africa sector reports, thought leadership and survey results.

  • Africa Events
    View up-to-date information about key Africa events on the continent and across the globe.


Download the KPMG Africa Business App now!


Available for Android and iOS devices.


Download the KPMG Africa Business App now!

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