Strategic & Commercial Intelligence 

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other arrangements, it is absolutely vital to understand who and what it is you are dealing with. Validating your existing knowledge and assessment of targets and partners is essential.

Ronan Gilhawley

Ronan Gilhawley

Partner in Charge, Strategy & Planning

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This is where strategic and commercial intelligence comes in. It provides insights into the other parties involved in major transactions from both buy and sell sides and an informed view of the proposed deal and its prospects.


How we can help
KPMG's Strategic and Commercial Intelligence service provides detailed information about acquisition and merger targets and prospective business partners, including assessments of financial position and business prospects.


We gather and analyse relevant Information on a target organisation’s market context, competitors and competitive advantage and growth and revenue potential. The intelligence can be used in the context of commercial due diligence, market assessments, target identification and strategic options assessment.


We focus on a single target entity, assessing margin improvement potential and action plans. Our offering covers operational and business plan due diligence and operations strategy reviews to identify unrealised value and potential.


We collect relevant information about two or more entities in the context of a merger or disposal, helping to validate the costs, benefits and synergies of a transaction. Integration intelligence includes appropriate due diligence, synergy identification, 100-day planning, demerger and separation planning and second-wave integration activities.