Attitudes to tax are changing and tax decisions are under scrutiny like never before. Organisations, from middle market to multinationals, are becoming increasingly exposed to changing trends in tax regulation — not just locally but globally.
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At KPMG our understanding of tax governance, specialist skills and deep industry knowledge help our clients realise planning opportunities, meet their compliance responsibilities and communicate this to the markets and regulators.

At the heart of our offering are our people. People who think beyond the present and beyond borders to deliver long-lasting value.

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Peter Murray

Video: Globalisation and International Tax

Video: Globalisation and International Tax
Rosheen Garnon, National Managing Partner, Tax, reflects on globalisation, value chain across countries and how governments think tax systems operate.

Tax rates online

The online rates tool helps compare corporate, indirect & individual income tax rates within a country or a tax type across multiple countries.

Daily Tax News

The latest tax legislative developments, Australian Taxation Office releases, new publications and other relevant local and international news.
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Rosheen Garnon
National Managing Partner, Tax

Tax contacts

State lead contacts for KPMG's Tax Division in Australia.

Federal Budget 2014

Federal Budget 2014
KPMG's review of the major implications arising from the 2014 Federal Budget.

Tax Reform

Tax Reform
Active throughout the reform process, KPMG provides analysis and insight into the key elements of tax reform currently underway in Australia.