Indirect Tax Compliance 

Dealing with your GST obligations can be complex and time-consuming. It can be one of the biggest administrative burdens on business. Even the smallest error can cost you, and where a minor improvement can make a big difference.

Deborah Jenkins

Deborah Jenkins

Head of Indirect Tax Compliance

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Indirect Tax contacts

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Indirect tax compliance: Go beyond the data

Indirect tax compliance
A paper exploring the continued global shift toward indirect tax, the challenge in achieving full compliance and the resource and cash flow pressures.

Ask yourself:


  • Am I paying too much GST?
  • Are my transactions accurately recorded?
  • Have I factored in the resources I’ll need?
  • Am I up to date with legislation?
  • How can I meet all the requirements in the countries we operate in?


How we can help

KPMG’s Indirect Tax Compliance Centre of Excellence can help ensure you not only stay compliant wherever you operate in one or many countries but that you gain long-term value and reduce risk by getting the most out of your transaction data.


We go beyond and through the use of advanced analytic techniques, we can help you unlock transaction data to add value to your business by zeroing in on unrealised opportunities. You’ll gain deeper insights into your business. You could uncover unexpected advantages – from optimising supply chain, gaining competitive advantage to improving customer relationships.


Turn transaction data into value for your business

KPMG’s Indirect Tax Compliance service is specifically designed to help you achieve cost-efficiencies and gain better process control and visibility.


Our team can help you standardise and automate your indirect tax compliance processes throughout the full compliance life cycle, which can improve your risk management and governance.


Additionally, we can transform your data and knowledge into value through our comprehensive data analytics offerings.

Video: Indirect tax compliance

Video: Indirect tax compliance
This video explains how KPMG's Indirect Tax Compliance service can help you achieve cost-efficiencies and gain better process control and visibility.

Video: Indirect tax compliance trends

Video: Indirect tax compliance
Tim Gillis and Deborah Jenkins discuss the big trends affecting indirect tax compliance today from the economy to finance transformation.