Business Advisory 

The contemporary business environment is challenging. New issues complicate decision making. The gap between success and failure continues to narrow.

Toni Jones

Toni Jones


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Success relies more than ever on business agility, adaptability and resilience. Clear sighted business strategies that can be executed quickly and effectively are rewarded.

Good companies are reviewing and reinventing their core value propositions, creating more flexible and responsive business models, optimising business processes, building more robust risk management structures and enhancing the value chain by investing in appropriate technologies.

How we can help
KPMG’s Private Enterprise practice help private companies grow and attain their business aspirations and objectives.

Our assistance includes:

  • developing operationally driven strategy plans
  • increasing enterprise value through improved financial management and operational arrangements
  • protecting the business against critical risks by building resilience into systems and processes
  • improving cash flows, profitability and balance sheet stability.


We also help develop survival and recovery strategies for financially distressed businesses, including operational and financial restructuring, cash generation improvements, lender advisory activities and turnaround planning and execution.

We tailor our advisory services to the unique needs and objectives of each client business. We draw on KPMG’s extensive national and global technical capacity and detailed industry knowledge. We offer independent advice that is timely and practical.