Understanding how changing demographics affect vital consumer and workforce issues.

Bernard Salt

Bernard Salt

Partner in Charge, Demographics

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In a rapidly evolving economic environment, successful businesses anticipate changes in markets and in the composition of their workforce.


Demographic factors shape the behaviour of markets and workforces. Indeed the ‘demographic outlook’ is one of the few aspects of the business environment that can be forecast with any confidence.


Of course, in periods of economic turbulence and uncertainty, short-term fluctuations in business conditions can mask longer-term, fundamental trends, increasing the risk of poor investment decisions.


A demographic outlook can help set the agenda for strategic business planning and good advice can help businesses make better decisions over the longer term. This is where KPMG’s Demographics group can help.


How we can help

Our Demographics group collects, analyses and interprets population and other data to help organisations better align their products, services and workforces with future demographic trends. Our reports can include the following:


Demographic analysis

Identification of market trends and opportunities using sophisticated geographic information systems.


Market analysis and master planning

Identification of consumer market demand characteristics in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. These reports provide insights into the composition, scale, timing and staging of components of master-planned communities.


Workforce planning

Analysis of key workforce demographics and trends to assist with long-term strategic workforce planning.


Social and cultural outlook

Provision of insights into future social trends and consumer behaviour based on demographic trends.


We can also provide organisations with tailored presentations or workshop facilitation that considers demographic, social and consumer trends, within all industry sectors, including property, finance, telecommunications, education, mining, health, tourism, retirement and aged care.