Business Intelligence & Analytics 

How can your organisation better leverage your data resources to create value, enhance competitiveness and drive business decisions?

Anthony Coops

Anthony Coops

Partner, Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Prashant Khanna

Prashant Khanna

Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Go Beyond the Data video series

In this series, KPMG professionals with deep data analytics experience provide insights on turning complex data challenges into business value.

KPMG’s Business Intelligence & Analytics practice helps organisations take the mystery out of big data and show them how to leverage their data resources to produce better business outcomes.


Our approach is based on the proposition that business success depends on what you actually do with your business information, not how much of it you control and collate.

A 360° information mindset

In this information-driven age, leaders must take a 360° view of the extraordinary volume of data available – historic, current and predictive – so they can extract what they need and discover what they didn’t know they need.


With our information-driven approach, we can give your organisation a holistic view of your data, enabling you to learn from and use it to make better business decisions, grow revenue, optimise operational capabilities, and manage enterprise risks and compliance mandates.


How we can help

With analytical and technical solutions deeply anchored in industry and functional knowledge, combined with a detailed understanding of our clients' information, our solutions demystify ‘big data’, tackle industry-specific challenges and cover a range of important business issues.


These include:

  • Financial Services
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Consumer Markets
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Healthcare.


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Big Data and why it matters

Big data
We're in the age of 'Big Data'. Find out what 'Big Data' really is and why using it effectively is so important.

Go beyond

Go beyond
Today’s organizations aren’t just looking for data precision, they also want data relevance.