Appointment type:

Joint and Several Receivers and Managers
Joint and Several Liquidators

Appointment dates:

25 February 2010
4 March 2010
30 July 2010
13 May 2011

4 November 2011

Entities in receivership:

Letten Schemes

Letten Companies

Additional Letten Schemes & Companies

Entities in liquidation:

Letten Companies: 13 May 2011

Letten Companies: 4 Nov 2011

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Damian Templeton &
Philip Hennessy 

Office: Melbourne

Australia: 1800 882 944 
International: +61 3 9838 4238

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Aurora Park Project 

Information for investors of the Aurora Park Project. 


As noted in the Disclosure Reports available through the secure data rooms, the property of this scheme was sold prior to the appointment of Receivers and Managers.


Investors will be able to submit a claim against the Common Fund (as defined in the pooling Orders made by the Court in November 2010).


Investor claims will be considered as part of the formal proof of claim process. Investors should refer to the Circular dated 11 February 2011 (available in the secure data room) for further details on the steps to be completed before any distribution to Investors may be made.


Further information will be provided in due course.