Major Projects Advisory 

Organisations investing in major long term projects can protect themselves against major delays, cost overruns, waste and irregularities on major construction and infrastructure projects.

Travis McAuliffe

Travis McAuliffe

Partner, Internal Audit, Risk & Control Services

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Experienced managers know how easy it is for things to go seriously wrong on big projects. The consequences can be crippling.


In an economic environment in which new work is drying up, project owners are exerting increasing pressure to shave costs and reduce deadlines, further compressing already thin margins for error. Lenders and investors have become less tolerant of delays and cost overruns.


Objective scrutiny of project progress can make a big difference to eventual outcomes.


How we can help

KPMG can help organisations identify and head off problems on major projects.


  • We assist in analysing the processes steps, the appraisal, selection and establishment of major projects.
  • We give project owners real-time, objective feedback on project progress to mitigate cost escalation, schedule extensions, quality and scope adjustments and other project risks.
  • We concentrate on five key information outputs to make sure important developments do not 'fall between the cracks':
    • cost reporting
    • schedule reporting
    • risk reporting
    • environmental health, safety and security reporting
    • quality reporting.


We assist in developing structured work plans for monitoring key stakeholder outputs based on sound industry practices, first-hand industry knowledge and an impressive track record in big projects.