Forensic Digital 

Forensic technology is becoming vital in preventing and detecting fraud and misconduct and in quantifying and recovering losses. Forensic Digital services include litigation and regulatory readiness, evidence and discovery management and data analytics.

Stan Gallo

Stan Gallo

Director, Forensic

+61 7 3233 3209

"Our team is at the forefront of new developments in digital evidence recovery, discovery, investigations and expert litigation support." Stan Gallo

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Our global network of Forensic Digital professionals includes project managers, process specialists, software developers, help desk and technical support personnel to help clients with project scoping, workflow review production and project execution.


How we can help
Our Forensic Digital services cover three main areas:

Litigation and regulatory readiness
Helping clients respond to information requests by identifying, processing and disclosing data held within their information systems.

Evidence and discovery management
Assisting clients and their counsel in collecting, processing and reviewing data and documentation. Key examples of our involvement include litigation (e-discovery), investigations (regulatory or internal) and compliance work. KPMG member firms are some of the leading global providers of e-discovery services.


Data Analytics
Providing tailored technology that helps clients identify fraud risks, waste and abuse. Our technology and methodology assists in avoiding unnecessary costs, detecting financial and other risks before they lead to loss and external investigation.

We possess the resources to undertake complex assignments spanning jurisdictions, issues and time.

Freedom through cyber security

Freedom through cyber security
The right approach to cyber security enables an organisation to embrace change, seek out new markets, and invest in transformational opportunities.

Forensic Digital Fact Finding

Forensic Digital Fact Finding
KPMG can assist in handling relevant data supporting litigation and investigations.