Business Intelligence & Analytics: industry focus 

By challenging existing paradigms and finding new ways to better leverage one of your most valuable assets – information – KPMG has the analytical firepower and technical know-how you need to truly get the most out of your data, regardless of your industry.

Anthony Coops

Anthony Coops

Partner, Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Prashant Khanna

Prashant Khanna

Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Go Beyond the Data video series

In this series, KPMG professionals with deep data analytics experience provide insights on turning complex data challenges into business value.

Financial Services

  • Better understanding your customer – segmentation, customer experience, analysing customer spend, customer and product profitability and lifetime value, targeted campaigns.
  • Optimising revenue – improving cross-sell, sales force effectiveness, churn management.
  • Fighting fraud and managing leakage – protecting against card fraud, managing insurance claims leakage, addressing claims fraud, anti-money laundering and sanctions testing and screenings, financial adviser compliance, rogue trading.


Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  • Better understanding your customer – segmentation, customer experience, customer and product profitability, process improvement and change management, campaign optimisation, go-to-market models, channel optimisation, customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Optimising revenue – collections optimisation, credits and rebates management, sales force effectiveness, churn management, workforce analytics.
  • Delivering a high-performing network – network monitoring and performance, network usage optimisation, service assurance analytics.
  • Digital transformation and change – digital strategy, content monetisation and rights management, innovation, social media and digital delivery excellence.


Consumer Markets

  • Revenue optimisation – trade promotion and spend analytics, campaign response, channel analytics, customer segmentation, product/category mix analytics, customer loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Supply chain optimisation – supply network efficiency, demand forecasting, working capital optimisation, inventory management.
  • Retail performance – footfall and store placement analytics, product placement and store performance, shrinkage analytics, store and shelf replenishment.


Energy & Natural Resources

  • Better understanding your customer – segmentation, customer experience, customer profitability and lifetime value, and targeted campaigns.
  • Energy pricing and demand management – demand forecasting, pricing sensitivity analytics.
  • Delivering a high-performing network – predictive asset maintenance, smart meter and time-of-use optimisation.
  • Zero tolerance – OH&S analytics, anti-bribery and corruptions analytics, major projects/contract compliance.



  • Low cost and high-access patient experience – patient service optimisation, healthcare availability analysis and treatment cost optimisation analytics.
  • Future focused patient care – re-admission analytics, health risk factor/early intervention analytics and clinical treatment trial analytics.
  • Enhancing staff productivity and optimisation – staff scheduling analytics, and case management optimisation.