Operational Strategy 

It is self-evident that superior performance follows development of an appropriate business strategy and its effective execution.

Valentina Tripp

Valentina Tripp

Director, Business Performance Services

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Yet many organisations struggle with strategy development. It is perhaps the most difficult task confronting boards and managers. As a consequence, strategy, and its component goals and initiatives, often lacks clarity and fails to reflect current business realities.


KPMG helps organisations make better strategic decisions based on a more complete understanding of strategic opportunities and risks.


How we can help
KPMG’s Business Performance Services group offers rigorous and objective insight into organisational performance, industry trends and competitive forces. Our work is based on three main, interrelated service offerings.


Strategic planning and management
Developing strategic management frameworks to assist clients to recognise and capitalise on changing market opportunities whilst helping to mitigate strategic risks.


Strategic research and analysis
Detailed analysis of competitors, products and market segments is a necessary first step in identifying growth opportunities and developing strategies to exploit them.


Strategic health check
A quick and cost-effective way to assess an organisation’s current business strategy and the effectiveness of its execution.


A clearer and more disciplined strategic focus enhances stakeholder confidence, aligns operational processes and practices with corporate objectives and opens the way to long-term, sustainable performance improvement.