Business Effectiveness 

Business Effectiveness focuses on the fundamental issues — managing risk, increasing revenues and controlling costs — that all firms in all industries must address if they are to flourish.

Martin Blake

Martin Blake

Partner, Business Performance Services

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Individual organisations will explore different options to help them enhance performance, including process and control design, shared services models and outsourcing.


However, business effectiveness is ultimately about the quality of business decision making. This is where KPMG can help.


How we can help

KPMG’s Business Performance Services teams are made up of professionals drawn from a range of disciplines. We work with clients, helping them to make better decisions about:

  • managing and reducing material costs
  • internal supply chains
  • improving customer service
  • responding to industry globalisation
  • enhancing product design efficiency
  • embedding better working capital management.


We help clients think through questions relating to:

  • operations risk management
  • environmental risk
  • supplier risk
  • product portfolio risk
  • process risk.


We can also assist clients with:

  • strategic cash generation
  • manufacturing strategies
  • revenue management
  • operational enhancement
  • rapid value procurement
  • integrated supply chain planning
  • cost management
  • global logistics
  • service parts management.


Our experienced professionals help clients to get to the heart of successful business transformation, effectiveness and change management.